Sell Your Unused Diabetic Test Strips & Earn Cash!

Use our fast, simple and secure way to sell your Diabetic Test Strips

Did you receive 10 boxes of diabetic test strips when you only needed one? Sell your unused diabetic test strips to us and get instant cash!

Simply request our prepaid mailing kit to send your unused diabetic test strips to us.

Full payment will be sent within 2 days of DTSBuyers receiving your strips!

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  • How much do you pay per box?

    To determine how much we pay, please use the quote estimator on the home page. Scroll down to the proper brand add the test strip count, and enter in the amount of boxes you have.

  • How quickly will I receive my payment?

    Payments are sent out within two business days of receiving your items!
    If you don't get your payment within 15 days, please contact us!

Recent Payouts
  • WILSON VINCENT received.. $126.00
  • MD Z received.. $144.00
  • Rosemary received.. $90.00
  • Jonathan received.. $147.00
  • TIM received.. $188.00